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    Yahya Ahmed

    Civil Engineering Student

    Yahya is a creator. As a civil engineer with a keen eye for detail, he intends to design and construct the dreams of many.


    He is a collector; he is pursuing a career that he hopes will continue to sling him across the globe, so he may grow his collection of global cultures.


    Yahya is ambitious, and hopes to leave a positive impact on the world. In a time of such dramatic changes in the climate, he uses his critical thinking skills along with engineering judgement in efforts to create a better tomorrow.


    As a civil engineer, as a public servant, safety is of paramount concern and importance. He is seeking his P.E. license to ensure all projects take the mandatory precautions.


    Below is a collection of my recent endeavors.

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    AISC/ASCE Steel Bridge Team - GMU

    Designed, fabricated, and erected a scaled steel bridge in competition against other universities in the nation.

    2013 - Present


    Steel Bridge is a three part competition around the United States. Each team is presented with the same scenario, for which a steel bridge is to be created. Each independent team comes up with a design which is fabricated to a scale sized bridge. The bridge is designed to be put together by individual steel members, bolts, and nuts during the timed construction. The bridge is judged on feasibility, stiffness, and aesthetics.



    As the construction manager/builder with George Mason University for 2014, 2015 & 2016, I helped lead my group during erection of a scaled steel bridge. Our team accomplishments are below:

    • Strong contenders in ASCE’s Regional Virginia Conference in 2014.
    • 2nd place winners of ASCE’s Regional Virginia Conference in 2015.
    • 1st place winners in bridge stiffness at ASCE’s National Conference at UMKC in 2015.
    • 1st place winners in efficiency at ASCE’s Regional Virginia Conference in 2016.
    • 1st place winners in bridge stiffness at ASCE’s Regional Virginia Conference in 2016.
    • 2nd place winners of ASCE’s Regional Virginia Conference in 2016.

    American Society of Civil Engineers

    A community of civil engineers who come together to build a safer, stronger, and more economically responsible infrastructure for tomorrow.

    2013 - Present

    As Vice President, I help lead the organization to provide the student body with opportunities for networking, gaining knowledge, and multiple hands on experiences in the field. A major part of my role is reaching out sponsors to help fund our major events. Thus far I have earned over $7,000. Our major events include:
    • Annual Career Fair
    • Service Events
    • Annual ASCE Regional and International Conferences
    • Annual Engineering Conference [Pending]

    As fundraising chair and social chair in ASCE George Mason University, I have I created, organized, and led two major fundraising events, earning a total of 200 USD for ASCE. I am responsible for all social communications as methods of publicity and awareness of what ASCE GMU does for its students.

    • Attendee of American Society of Civil Engineers’ Virginia Statewide Conference for 2014 & 2015.
    • Attendee of American Society of Civil Engineers’ National Conference for 2015.

    Learn more about ASCE National Chapter here.

    TEDx George Mason University

    TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is an annual conference globally. TEDx is an independently organized TED conference; both have similar goals.



    TED conferences are a collections of speakers with "ideas worth spreading." George Mason University hosts an annual TEDxGMU event (roughly 240+ person attendance), usually in the spring. With the TEDx team, I help prepare such events, primarily by supporting the speakers in preparation for their presentation, a unique opportunity in which I get to speak with great minds from around the nation.


    Prior to the main TEDx event, we host TEDxSalon Events. These are smaller more intimate events, where usually 1-3 speakers present. The venue provides the community a space to share their ideas and discuss critical topics.


    Below are more glimpses into my world.


    Below are companies I have professionally worked with.


    formerly WSP|Parsons Brinckerhoff

    WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff

    Parsons Intl.





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